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Super, Thanks for Asking

Take any given week in the last few months, and two o'clock in the morning on a Thursday night would mean I was up late finishing homework and liberally fucked as far as sleeping went. Not tonight. Well, my sleeping is still fucked, but that's only because I have to get up at 8:15 to catch a flight out to New York. But homework is only still part of my working vocabulary because I can't get over how good it is not to be dealing with it. No essay prompts are sitting here waiting to be done when I come home in the afternoon, no week late history outlines are sitting half done in my room, and nothing hangs over my head on Saturday night. And it's better than I imagined it'd be.

I hate to be heading down this path of happy-go-luckiness, because the only people who are going to relate are already probably feeling good themselves, and I'm probably only inspiring you darker breeds out there to go sharpen your angst sticks. Oh well, I can't resist. Vacation: great. Friends: super. Girlfriend: awesome. Everything rocks, and I don't mean to gloat or be redundant, but I need to get that out. I could go into it even more, but I think this picture suffices.

Sunshine, lollipops, and motherfucking rainbows. You bet.

Those of you who do not reside in the general path of "the loop" might be a little surprised about the whole girlfriend thing. Honestly, I am too. I've been sort of out of the dating scene ever since it really started and I just sat back and made fun of all the couples that started to appear. This continued with stuff like the classic betting pools last year, and that was all fun and hilarious, but single life was starting to wear on Lefty and me. So it's been a nice change of pace to suddenly find a girl I like and throw myself into the whole thing successfully. It's something completely new to me, and yet the transition has been completely comfortable. Cheers to Cara for making it all possible.

Just a heads up: Friends Christmas, held on Christmas Eve Eve, is now officially going to be a tradition. Exchanging presents, enjoying December bikini time, and taking excessive amounts of time to turn down the hot tub with Cara definetly helped me get through tonight's family gathering and the last night's mass, which can credit itself for having the worst homily of all time. Now, I've probably been to this church fifteen to twenty times, but I usually sit in the usher's bench at the bag and never, ever listen to a word the priest says. Apparently this was an excellent decision. I didn't get everything our heavily-accented Father Jose said, but what I do know is that "Jesus passed by", and apparently that was an important enough event for the statement to be repeated over ten times. Christmas is the church's biggest advertising period, and they manage to make the people who only come in now and Easter feel good for doing it. It's a good time to be agnostic.

I might get a detailed Christmas wrapdown (HO HO HO) segment together sometime later, but for now I'd just like to give a special tribute to the picture frame Cara gave me and the weapons-grade video card from my parents that takes up so much of my computer's power I had to unplug my music drive until I get a new part.

Cara and I have a lot of things in common, but arts and crafts skill isn't one of them. I can't even color in the lines.

Anyway, I should get a nap in before I leave. Just to let you know, one of my little pay-journal perks is there's a number with the New York City area code from which I'm going to leave a little audio entry. It's a little consolation prize for those of you I'm not buying crappy New York shirts and snow globes for. Speaking of future updates, my webcam is all full of pretty pretty pictures, so look out for a photobooth entry.

Leaving on a jet plane. Back next Wednesday. Get some New Years plans together, kids.
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