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The Homecoming Show

At times I felt very much the observer at homecoming tonight. I normally feel right in the middle of everything, but while I watched Erika's reaction to my diversely insane friends I began to sit back and see from her perspective, and everything become a compellingly demented variety show. The comedy of the night was on full display, and the drama thankfully only hinted to its presence in the background. I watched Joe tell everyone about him peeing at Willie's and accidently leaving the door to the large single bathroom unlocked, and having a freshman walk in on him giggling as he peed and simultaneously sprayed a can of Aerosol deodorant he found on the toilet. I saw everyone poking the usual fun at Ryan for living in Cameron Park and for going back to Chino with Theresa on the O.C., and laugh at Hal for looking stoned after his water polo tournament today gave him the token (ZING!) red eyes. Ted laughed at himself and helplessly spilled soda at Colin's. Twice. Alex Schlyakhov accidently hit Mackenzie in the eye while whipping his tie around, and Chris Fleming flew backward to the floor when Colin pulled his chair out from behind him. Jamie got his white boy groove on, Andrew Perez interpreted Michael Jackson as only he can, and Winston rocked out with spirit. None of this particulary surprised me, but tonight I stopped and realized how hilarious and interesting the people I know are and what an entertaining display they put on.

I did have a spectacular time, and can say without too much thought or reservation it's been the best homecoming ever. But then I guess you have to expect that from the series finale.
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