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Cannonball into Abyss

The specific details of my life this next year will be much more clear in a few days. Tomorrow at noon I'll find out whether I'm in at Dartmouth or not, and by Saturday I'll know if my life will be happily consumed by another Jesuit production for three months. I'm also not quite clear on what I'll choose to do this summer, but that seems to be the least of my worries at this point. I am both excited and terrified as I try to keep positive, but also not get any high hopes dashed against reality. I'd like to at least get my wish on either college or the production, but I think I'll survive either way. College is college. And no production would just mean preposterous amounts of free time, which I happily wasted away most of my first two years of high school anyway. And there will be plenty of uninvolved seniors happy to spend their weekday afternoons doing anything that isn't Calculus homework.

I'm aware I'm not offering much in the way of entertainment value. I mostly just want to have something concrete to look back on Saturday night so I can realize I hadn't originally planned to go on a massive killing spree when I didn't get admitted or cast. I guess I'll figure it was Colin going on and on about how the mall would be the best place to set up a 50-caliber machine gun and go on a rampage that put the idea in my head. Then I'll go back to eviscerating food court patrons.

Things in the present are currently pretty solid. Over a month ago I said I might actually keep everybody updated on my life and one particular storyline, and I think pretty much everybody knew that was bullshit. The day after I wrote that entry, the Saucy Peasant of the Princess Bride, Erika, asked me to St. Francis Homecoming. The play held our relationship status in limbo from there, but I definetly didn't mind being friends for good while first. Not that we were even out of the parking lot on the last day without some kind of official standing. Anyway, I've been having a great time, and whether or not we get the opportunity of 150 hours or so of rehearsal time to see each other, I'm entirely hopeful.

Anyway, things are unknown but good. I mostly just want to let you all in on the past month and remind myself too, just in case the next few days don't work out for me. I'm sure I'll be fine. But just to be safe, I'd say going to the mall on Saturday might be a bad idea.

The auditions forms for the production had some fill-in sentences to determine personality, attitude, degree of insanity, and so on. The last one seemed to be the most telling of each person:

____________ & ____________ are interesting opposites.

We heard that Jesus & Hitler, Britney Spears & Mother Theresa , and the less accurate Tomatoes & Ketchup were all submitted. I had the good priest, bad priest odd couple: Fr. McGarry & Fr. Bonfiglio.

What's your answer? Leave a comment and let us all peer deep into your soul.
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