Paul (pauliver) wrote,

There's a few things I forgot to mention in my phone post, lots of other stuff going on, and loads of time before the plane pulls in, so here goes.

New York was definetly exciting, but I'm more than ready to go home and no longer make all my phone calls from inside the hotel stairwell. I've been taking advantage of my Dad's unlimited long distance plan to keep in touch with Cara as much as possible and check in with a few other friends who are also great but I don't regularly make out with. My cell phone has free nights and weekends, but of course none of that really comes in to play when it doesn't get reception anywhere that matters. I remember once getting full service inside a Denny's, but those dreamlike times have long passed. I wish I could go back to either of my old, shitty Nokia phones. Color and voice calling don't mean too much when, to the other person, most of my calls sound like, "He---an you hear m----one is a total piece of sh----OTHER FU---".

I'm also looking forward to driving again. I don't share my car with thirty other people (usually) and no one ever walks through and gives a speech asking for money. A tip to any homeless New Yorkers who stole someones laptop: Public speaking does not pay the bills. There are plenty of local music students who will play on an acoustic guitar while providing their own harmonica backup, and that's a tough act to follow for anyone, much less a guy who's going to talk at an uncomfortable volume about his desperate situation. There was actually a guy who looked homeless who stated singing operatically (don't ask me how I know that's a word) who I did give money to, although it was a choice between a quarter and a five and he was a little sharp. I'm a fairly generous subway rider, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Whatever gets going for New Years should be good times tonight. Planes here. Gonna add more later.
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